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    SMA Sunny Boy SB-2500HF-30 Grid Tie Inverter

    SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF-30 Inverter

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    Download SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF-30 Inverter Data Sheet


    SMA Sunny Boy SB2500HF-30 Grid Tie Inverter

    SMA SB2500HF-30 Inverter Simply high yields
    This is the new generation of galvanically isolated inverters packed full of the latest SMA technology, the Sunny Boy HF series provides the highest yields for transformer inverters of this performance class. Installation is now easier than ever thanks to the DC connector system SUNCLIX, the plug-in generator grounding (optional), and an easily accessible configuration area including easier mounting due to the reduced weight. The wide input voltage range from 175 to 700 s gives you extraordinary flexibility for your plant design, and the modern graphic display and wireless Bluetooth communication system make the devices highly user-friendly.

    High Yields:
    Maximum efficiency 96.3%
    The best tracking efficiency with OptiTrac MPP tracking
    Shade management with OptiTrac Global Peak*

    Galvanic isolation
    Integrated ESS DC switch-disconnector
    Theft protection

    Quick and easy configuration thanks to Quick Module
    DC plug system SUNCLIX
    Suitable for generator grounding

    Graphic display
    Bluetooth technology as standard

    SMA understand just how much there is to think about when planning a PV plant: A wide variety of module types, locations, and roof pitches often makes selecting the right inverter difficult.
    The problem: desired parameters do not always coincide with plans, and combination possibilities are not always as flexible as they should be. The all-too common result: unwanted compromise when it comes to plant planning and do you need more flexibility in your planning? The optimal solution is right here!
    This is exactly where our engineers enter the picture. They have developed a solution the new Sunny Boy HF series.
    Designed for success
    The Sunny Boy HF offers a nearly unlimited range of options for the planning phase. A wide input voltage range of 175700 volts means that most confi - gurations can be covered by just two strings. That not only reduces the number of module strings, but also saves installation time and effort and, thus, costs.
    Custom gradations
    You can offer the new Sunny Boy HF in a spectrum of 23 kilowatts of nominal power: as the Sunny Boy 2000HF, Sunny Boy 2500HF, and Sunny Boy 3000HF. It ensures that your customers will always get the perfect device for their residential system.
    Down to earth
    Grounding is fast and easy using the plug-in grounding module all without opening the enclosure. The polarity is easily defined by the orientation in which the grounding set is attached. This new, simple form of grounding ensures that various types of cell technologies can be connected from crystalline to thin-film modules. The new SMA Sunny Boy HF offers a range of product features that allow for installation in no time at all. That saves both time and costs for you and for your customers.
    Thinner, lighter, easier
    The Sunny Boy has trimmed down and lightened up, making device handling even easier and safer for you thanks also to recessed ergonomic grips.


    Do you expect a simple installation? It does not get any easier than this! Getting a handle on things inverter configuration is now easier than ever before: simply pull the integrated DC isolating electronic solar switch (ESS) and you have access to the connection area, the new plug-in Quick Module communication and confi guration unit, and plug-in grounding. All without ever unscrewing the lid.
    Faster connection
    The easily accessible connection area with the innovative SUNCLIX DC connector system and AC-side connector ensures fast, safe installation.

    SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF-30 Grid Tie Inverter - SB-2500HF


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