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Swithenbanks Solar Panel Supplier

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    SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF Inverter

    SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF Inverter

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    SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF Inverter

    Wide impact voltage range of 175-700 volts meaning most configurations are covered by just two strings
    Simple, plug in grounding module means connection with crystalline or thin film modules

    Quick module communication & configuration for fast and safe installation
    Installation requires no complicated tools, all done without having to open up the unit
    Slimmer, lighter and easier to handle than ever before

    End user benefits:
    Higher financial benefits through maximum yields with an efficiency rating of 96%; one of the highest in it's class
    Up to 1.5% higher energy output due to SMA's OptiTrac system which enables the inverter to react quickly and accurately to changes in conditions e.g. shading
    Clear, user friendly, graphic display providing relevant performance values in an easy to understand format
    Bluetooth interface means no unnecessary wiring for a neat and tidy installation
    A sleek, slim line, good looking unit

    Weight: 21kg
    Rated Power: 2500W
    Min PPT Voltage: 175V
    Max PPT Voltage: 560V
    DC Startup Voltage: 220V
    DC Shutdown Voltage: 175V
    Max Input Voltage: 700V
    Max DC Power: 2600W
    Max AC Power: 2500W
    Max DC Current: 14.2A
    Max DC Inputs: 2
    Has DC Fuses: 0
    Included Connectors: 2
    Euro Efficiency: 95.3%
    Transformer: HFIP
    Rating: IP65
    MPPT Trackers: 1
    Has Integrated DC Switch: Yes
    Warranty: 5 years

    SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF Inverter


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