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    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3020

    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3020
    30A Charge Controller Diagram
    30A Charge Controller Connector Block

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    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3020

    Provista charge controller is a 30A solar charge controller for battery based systems. This Swiss-designed solar charge controller is suitable for 12V or 24V battery systems. Maximum input voltage 47V. This 30A Provista Charge Controller is ideal for remote buildings and any 12V or 24V solar battery charging situation. Extremely popular and reliable product that protects your battery, solar panel array and operational circuits. A must for every solar kit. This model includes the very efficient PWM charging system to get great performance and longevity from your battery. Built in electronic fuse means even if you make a mistake it will automatically protect and reset. LCD Display shows all the operations of the system including battery level, charging amperage, voltage, fault messages etc..

    Additional output control circuit with timer controls. This unit can automatically turn off and on lights depending on the actual solar time. ie it can be used to define controls such as how long after sunset or before sunrise the light is to be switched on or off. A great addition to control lighting circuits in sheds and stables etc.

    With battery level control and your lighting circuit through the controller this Provista unit will automatically turn off your lights when the battery level is low. This ensures battery protection from running too low and causing damage.

    Provista Features:
    Graphic LCD Display
    Microprocessor - controlled
    Temperature Compensation

    Charging Input:
    1 set of general-purpose screw terminals for charging input. Comes pre-installed with 4.7mm for connection to solar panels
    15-47V input voltage range
    30 Amp max charging current

    Charging Output: Provista has 1 set of general-purpose screw terminals for the charging output
    30A max output, regulated by internal PWN charge-controller circuitry
    Auxiliary load output, 1 set of general-purpose screw terminals for light or small loads
    30A max output, directly from the attached battery
    Disconnects at 11V (22V for 24V battery) to protect the battery

    Provista PWM charge controller Internals:
    Three charging stages
    Bulk state charges the battery up to 70% at a maximum rate
    Absorb stage finishes the battery charge at a slow rate
    Float stage, keeps battery charge topped up (this is safe for long term active storage)
    10mA idle current draw

    Provides the following protection:
    Switch for controlling Auxiliary output
    Overcharge Protection
    Deep Discharge Protection
    Reverse Polarity Protection for Load, Battery and PV
    Electronic Fuse
    Short-Circuit Protection for Load and Module
    Overvoltage protection at PV input
    Open Circuit Protection if battery disconnected
    Overload Protection
    Prevents night-time discharge of battery through PV
    Battery over-voltage shutdown

    Float voltage can be varied between 13.4V and 14.2V (for 24V battery: 26.9V - 28.4V)
    Variable Deep-discharge protection 11.0V - 11.5V (for 24V battery: 22V - 23V)

    Provista Specifications:
    System Voltage 12v or 24v
    Consumption 12mA
    Module current 30A
    Load current 30A
    Charge voltage 13.7v (27.4v)
    Boost charge voltage 14.4v (28.8v)
    Reconnection voltage 12.5v (25v)
    Disconnect voltage 11.5v (23v)
    Operational temp -10 to 50 degrees C
    Terminal 16sq mm

    169mm(w) x 97mm(h) x 44mm(d)
    Weight 350g

    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3020


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