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    Provista 30A MPPT Solar PV Charge Controller

    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3020 Maxi ISC 30
    30A Charge Controller Diagram
    30A Charge Controller Connector Block

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    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3040

    Provista 30A Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3040 Maxi ISC 30 Vintage intelligent solar system controller is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking and is specially designed to work with all established module technologies up to 900 Wp and it is optimized for solar systems with module voltages higher than the battery voltage. The advanced MPP tracking algorithm assures that the maximum available power of solar array is charged to the battery. The latest technology ensures full performance in all conditions, a professional battery care combined with modern design and excellent protection.

    Provista Features:
    - Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPP Tracker)
    - Voltage and current regulation System Voltage
    - Automatic detection of the voltage Nominal Power
    - PWM control Max. Efficiency
    - State of Charge (SoC) advanced technology Typical Idle Consuption
    - Temperature compensation with external sensor
    - Common negative grounding Open circuit voltage solar module
    - Night light function with built-in time clock, on/off timer control Max. input current
    - Two timer schedule programmable

    Electronic Protection Functions:
    - Overcharge protection
    - Deep discharge protection
    - Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery
    - Automatic electronic fuse
    - Short circuit protection of load and module
    - Overvoltage protection at module input
    - Open circuit protection without battery
    - Reverse current protection at night
    - Overtemperature and overload protection
    - Battery overvolatge shutdown

    - Manual and automatic load switch
    - CE complaint according EN61000-6-1 and EN61000-3
    - UL 1741 complaint
    - RoHS compliant
    - Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

    - Graphical LCD Display shows operating states - for operation state of charge, fault messages

    - (X xY x Z) 200 x 153 x 68 mm

    Operating Performance:
    - System Voltage 12 V (24 V)
    - Nominal Power 360 W (720W)
    - Max. Efficiency > 98%
    - Typical Idle Consuption < 20 mA

    Technical data at 25C/77F:

    Provista 30A MPPT Solar PV Charge Controller ISC3040


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